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As a luau mainstay, the ukulele might not be widely percieved as a cutting-edge instrument.

As an editor, I spend inordinate amounts of time at my cozy desk at the office (and at home), pushing paper via my laptop, a red pen and a never-ending series of printed layouts.

Hopewell is a name possessing multiple meanings.

The talented folks at Fireclay are giving away a set of eight beautiful coasters to a lucky winner!

By night, they work the floor as bartenders and servers in San Francisco, but by day Ethan Terry and Timothy Daw use lasers and digital templates to turn salvaged liquor bottles into bespoke Art Nouveau–inspired decanters.

Drinking a bottle of wine can inspire any manner of creative projects—many of them ill-advised by the time the bottle is at its end. But designer Kevin Kolanowski, founder of fuse lighting, is no rookie.

Give the gift of Chromatic to please any Pantone lover!

For 2013, my favorite is the Architettura Negativo in the classic Otto scent, an herbal, woodsy fragrance that appeals to both men and women.

Soma founder Mike Del Ponte calls it his "of course" invention—a product so fabulously functional and attractive, that of course it should exist.