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1. Who is your muse and how did you come to that choice?Vance Burke: My muse is Albert Hadley.

Home improvement can be a chore that most of us aren't even willing to take on. We either hire it out or fumble through forums to get our questions answered. Enter Fountain.

Dinner parties are an essential social element, but the whole shop, prep, cook, serve, and clean thing can sometimes drag down the night. Insert Kitchit Tonight, your new secret weapon for entertaining.

There's nothing Northern Californians love quite as much as being outside, enjoying good music, and indulging in premium food and wine.

This year's jury for the Howie Awards included: Gale Steves, editor and best-selling author of Right-Sizing Your Home; Katherine Salant, syndicated real estate columnist for The Washington Post; and Leslie Clagett, author of The New City Home and blogger at

All photos courtesy of: Drew Altizer Photography

The whole "smart home" concept is starting to get crowded lately. From August's smart locks to ThermaSol's MicroTouch and the NEEO remote, our lives are getting more efficient in some ways, but more cluttered in another.

The culture of mobile-based sharing is certainly not new at this point. There are carpool services with Uber and Lyft, dog boarding with DogVacay, parking with Park Circa, and so much more.

There's multi-functional furniture...and then there's Resource Furniture. Like the home version of a Transformer, move between desk and bed, coffee table to dining table, and every other function you can imagine to fit your home.

Coming from the most unlikely of places, Ikea announced a major innovation this week at Mobile World Congress. Starting next month, they are planning to introduce their first line of furniture that will wirelessly charge your phone, tablets, and more using Qi technology.