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Public Barber Salon’s newly opened North Beach locale is not your typical hair cutting shop. In fact, a visit to the salon makes you feel more like you’re dropping by for a poetry reading than coming in for a trim. This is esthetic that owner Steve Jester was going for when designing the space, which is built out with a 4,000 book library covering the walls.

Oakland-based Daniel Clowes is one of the world’s most acclaimed and respected graphic novelists. Now, you can check out some of his most famous characters and works at the Oakland Museum of California’s newest exhibit.

The Oakland Museum of California’s new must-see exhibition transports people back to one of the most turbulent year’s in U.S. history: 1968.

East meets West in a new Oakland architectural space called Monkey Forest Road. This unique locale is part Balinese art gallery, part community coffee shop and part furniture boutique.

At first glance, Marcos LaFarga’s artwork doesn’t make you think of graffiti. But looking more closely, there are similarities. In his pieces, explosive, bold lettering spells out humoristic slogans like “Design is Dead,” “Misguided” and “Wisdom is Gold,” which are often coupled with realistic drawings that complement the words.

Over the summer, we told you about one of our favorite SF-based woodworkers, Jeremiah Nielson. We’ve long obsessed over his Mid-Century-style pieces, and were recently stuck by one of his new pieces, the “Bay Window Desk.”

This week, the first major retrospective and the most extensive collection of jewelry artist Margaret De Patta’s work opens at the Oakland Museum of California. The exhibit is nothing short of stunning and definitely worth a trip to the museum.

Don’t write that elegy for the boombox quite yet. There’s a new crop of portable stereo systems and not only do they sound good, they’re pretty.

For Todd Barricklow, his art is about evolution—humans as machines. Simple man-made objects, tools and human anatomy fascinate him. “Tools make us a better machine,” he says, “or lack of tools may make us a more frustrated machine.”

Instead of a coffee table book, what about a book coffee table? Bay Area architect, artist and fabricator Lisa Finster is now custom creating what she calls the “Book Table.” She takes people’s favorite and different sized books and precisely fits them between panels of poplar—much like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.